BAY LEES artist

I am an artist and teacher living in Kent. I have now retired from full time art teaching to pursue my own work and to run art workshops and courses. Having taught up to A level for many years, I have built up an invaluable resource of knowledge about materials and techniques which enables me to confidently offer workshops in fine art, printmaking, glass, sculpture, cyanotype and textiles. Facilitating the work of other artists, whatever their age, gives me great pleasure and I firmly believe that with encouragement and positive tuition, most people have an ability to draw.

I was a child from a large family who drew to make sense of the world before speaking fluently. As children, my siblings and I were not overly indulged with material goods, but pens and paper were plentiful. Supplementing conventional materials with what was around - backs of envelopes, charcoal from the bonfire and chalk lumps from the garden- became second nature and this early mark making experimentation has had a lasting effect on my approach to my work.

Every project starts off with sketches and collating ideas in a visual form and I often prefer the freedom of the initial sketches to the final results. I have a wonderful Victorian Kimber press in my studio which I use for printmaking projects, however, I also have a thirst to learn new processes and to work with mixed media.

Please don't hesitate in contacting me if you are interested in purchasing or wish to commission any work.