BAY LEES artist

I am an artist and teacher living in Kent. I have now retired from full time teaching in order to pursue my own art work.

I was a child from a large family and drew to make sense of the world before I spoke fluently. I was encouraged to be an active,creative problem solver, drawing with whatever was at hand and I believe that this early experimentation with materials - not only conventional materials but also found objects and materials such as charcoal or ash from the bonfire and chalk lumps from the garden, encouraged a bold and confident approach to making marks and layering. I still love to experiment and to see what happens - to me this is an instinctive way to work, whether I am in the studio, classroom, garden or kitchen.

I studied Illustration at Maidstone College of Art and much of my work has a narrative quality, open to interpretation according to the imagination and experiences of the viewer. The starting point maybe a response to an artefact or a connection to the past or present and every project starts off with sketches and collating ideas in a visual form. Printmaking techniques allow me to explore a wide range of spontaneous marks and I have a wonderful, old Kimber press in my studio, where I enjoy many hours combining printing processes and materials- it is a never ending journey of discovery.

Having taught up to A level for many years, I have built up a good resource of knowledge about materials and techniques and this enables me to confidently offer workshops in fine art, printmaking, glass, sculpture, cyanotype, ceramics and textiles. Facilitating the work of other artists, whatever their age, gives me great pleasure and I firmly believe that everyone can unlock their creativity if they are given encouragement and guidance.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested any of my work or courses. sketching in India.JPG